These 2 letters are written by Kaitlyn to Nevada Joe, 1st one was
presented to Nevada Joe, along with a Swiss Cow bell,
so I could always find him
said Kaitlyn

Hello Nevada Joe!

My name is Kaitlyn Simpson and I am 8 years old. I lieve in a small town in Wisconsin with my parents and 4 sisters.

I love horses and I love to ride them!! I really like to read stories about horses I especially liked reading the sotries about you on the internet. I can tell that you are very smart because you have learned to do a lot of really cool things. I can also tell that you have a big heart >and it's full of love for the family that takes care of you.

I think it is awesome that you let kids with special needs ride on you and that you are very careful with them. My mom says you have a very willing spirit.

You are like me because we both have had a chance to have a better life. I was born with the right side of my heart missing. I had to have open-heart surgery when I was 12 hours old. Then I got listed for a heart transplant.

I got a new heart when I was just 8 weeks old. Boy did I grouw fast !!! The heart was a perfect fit and I was so very lucky!!

When I was 4 years old, I got sick my heart got sick and it didn't work any more. I had to ge listed another heart. I waited and waited. Then the call came and I go another chance to live!!

I got out the hospital 4 days after my second heart transpland and haven't slowed down yet!! Thank you for letting me and my family come and meet you. I will never forget this way cool experience.

Big Heart Hugs
Kaitlyn's 2nd Letter

Being raised around horses, I was never really all that interested in them. I would go for an occasional pony-led trip around the pastures. I thought they were real pretty, but that is about all. But then, this summer, I had to sit for hours and hours (and hours) watching as my sisters practiced their mounted drill team.

It was then that I realized that horses were not just for riding, but that they could actually be your friend and that they all have different personalities. It was like a lightbulb going on. Before I knew it, I was begging my sisters to ride their horses all the time.

Rachel, Carissa and Dad all started giving me lessons and before I knew it, I could drive!!

My friends' grandma told me about a mustang named Joe that she had read about that was suppose to be in our area. So, Mom and I went on the Internet and searched for him. That's how I learned about Nevada Joe. His story was so sweet and he was like me having another chance at a better life because of caring people. He was so pretty. I was expecting him to be red, not a pretty brown with a long dark mane and tail.

I couldn't believe it when we actually were invited to come to Sterling, IL to actually meet him!! The Wahl Clipper Corporation people were so totally nice to invite us!! So much stuff happened that weekend that I was just dizzy with great memories.

Meeting Nevada Joe was so awesome. I even got to ride him. I felt like the most important person at the farm that day. Like I was famous. It was really fun, but kinda scary because it was a long way off the ground. Sitting on him, I felt like I was sitting on a part of history when I thought about the wild west and where his descendants came from. I was so surprised, too, when I was given a present---a Nevada Joe Breyer Horse!!

I really liked sitting on Doc Holiday. He was so soft and fuzzy. Not so far off the ground, either! I was amazed to see Kid Boscoe sit on him. What a cool trick!

We met 6 Cowboy Mounted Shooters. I didn't know there was such a sport. They were all so truly friendly and I even got to sit on some of their horses, too. When we got home, Mom and my sisters went on the Internet to learn more about them and their sport.

My sisters haven't stopped talking about the mounted shooters and how they want to do it, too. Mom has been reading up on it and all the rules.

We met Tommie Turvey and we thought he totally rocked! I couldn't believe all the tricks he does and how well he handles the horses. We are his new biggest fans. My sisters are already dare-devils and I am not sure it is a good thing that they visit his website all the time. (ha ha) They talk about him and his riding style all the time!!

We also went to the Bureau of Land Management website to learn more about the Mustang Adoption program. What a great thing!! I wish we had enough space in our barn to adopt a mustang, but maybe we can help pay for one. I want one of every color.

From meeting Nevada Joe I have learned that there are still herds of mustangs running wild. And I have learned that they need protection. When I grow up, I want to adopt some mustangs, just like Nevada Joe, and make a difference in their lives, too.

WELL Hope you all have a GREAT rest of the week.
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